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The art of decorative faux painting is creating movement with specialty faux paints enhancing any space. It's a wonderful option to just another plain painted walls.

We enjoy what we do in creating designs to meet our clients wants, needs & budgets. Commercial design, art & faux painting for 

NBC 10 in Philadelphia, PA.

Interior creativity and engineering

Justin Bortz Jewelers, W. Reading, Pa

Inspiring Art, faux painting, & design projects,  our clients, as a team....or for Extreme Makeover projects.

Aspire to create

Commercial spaces & Residential projects

First impressions create the customers experience. Work with professionals at Interior Images of PA. Inc., who can help you build a destination to represent your brand or plan the feel good experience your looking for in your home, with art, decorative faux painting, planning your interiors or creating your retail fixture designs.

We love our Faux jobs

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